6 Tips for the Best Natural Hair Care for Kids.

As a woman with kinky textured hair, I remember how painful it was to visit a salon as a child. As a girl, it would take two stylists to detangle my thick kinky coil natural hair. My hair would get tugged and pulled in different directions that made me dread these visits. My mother struggled to find the right products and proper routine care for maintaining the kinks and coils of my afro-textured hair. When I became an adult, I was motivated to learn how to care for my hair and now I use this to care for my daughter’s hair.  I smile now that I have more options to care for our hair as there are now many companies...

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Why Satin is a Must in your Child's Haircare Regimen

Haircare goes beyond the regular maintenance routine, such as washing, avoiding too much heat, using all-natural hair products, and even moisturizing. Haircare extends to how you accessorize, the material used to cover your hair when styling and while sleeping. The same applies to your kid's hair; when buying her hair accessories, and hair bonnet, do you ensure they will provide maximum protection from friction and dryness. Satin material retains moisture on the hair and decreases hair breakage. When buying headbands or hats or girls' hair accessories, always try to buy ones lined with satin. Go to the extent of investing in good quality satin hair bonnet to cover your kid's hair while sleeping and covering their bed with satin sheets....

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