About US

satin lined headbands mommy and me

Hello There! Welcome to Bramilyn and Rose where we create satin-lined headbands for comfort, convenience and hair-care.  Hi I am Brittne, a mom to a bright and bubbly 2-year-old daughter Brooke. As a new mom, I struggled to care for my and my daughters’ hair. As an infant, I put a satin pillowcase in her swing to protect her hair from dryness and friction. As she grew and I became busy with work, I struggled to style her hair and find accessories that were cute and protective. I could not find an accessories brand that focused on the protection of children’s hair but that all changed with Bramilyn and Rose!

In February 2020, our Aunt Rose came to visit and I shared this problem with her, and in true Aunt Rose fashion she was there to assist.  My Auntie, as I call her is a quiet spirit, with a big heart who loves to give her gifts to help others. As Auntie, she was the go-to person for combing all of her nieces’ hair. It brought her great joy to make our braids and ponytails pretty with bows, headbands and barrettes. Now, we bring this same passion to you with Bramilyn and Rose, the hair accessories brand designed to protect women AND children’s hair. 

You might ask, who is Bramilyn? Well, the answer is no one and everyone, Bramilyn is a name derived from the first two letters of Aunt Roses nieces’ names: Brittne, Brooke, Ryan, Aaliyah, Marisa, Michari, Lydia and Natasha.  Bramilyn is not only Aunt Rose’s nieces- but ALL women and girls!